Our story is a journey of progression. The culmination of almost 10 years of digital marketing experience with a strong transition into property marketing and sales. In the past 12 months we have sold over $800 million in development property alone.

We have developed relationships with developers, aggregators and sales channels and we understand the unique frustrations that are faced by all stakeholders.

We have taken all that knowledge and experience to our in-house coders and created a streamlined and effortless platform that makes project selling fast and effective for all stakeholders. An intuitive system for developers, aggregators, sales channels, and buyers alike.

In the simplest terms, Geonet Properties is collaboration made simple and efficient.

Consider every step from when a developer first releases stock to aggregators, sales channels stock allocation, to receiving deposits and issuing EOIs. Our system revolutionises the entire process.

Our central database means every single step can be tracked and managed within our platform.

Sales channels can be multiplied easily through our white-label system. Administration and management are steam-lined – leaving developers and agents to get on with what they do best – building and selling.

Our system is equally helpful for developers of all sizes. Our customer base ranges from boutique developers to some of the biggest in the business.

Our rates are highly competitive.. To learn more, contact our expert team today.

We are industry experts. We understand the pressure points.

It is mind-boggling that a multi-billion-dollar industry relies so heavily on old antiquated systems for project selling. We have solved frustrations that you considered as “that’s just the way it is”.

  • Image assigning developments to any sales channel instantly
  • Imagine these channels selling your developments on their own website with their own branding, instantly
  • Image deciding which channels can sell your developments and/or lots at the click of a button
  • Image buyers browsing off-plan properties on a website that is designed 100% for customer engagement. At their fingertips are brochures, master plans, real-time availability of lots, 3D walkthroughs, and so much more.
  • Imagine clients being able to check availability, pay their holding deposit and complete EOIs online
  • Imagine every other sales channel that sells that lot being updated in real-time that it is now off the market

Our platform is a revolutionary development sales management tool. If you want to learn how to streamline project workflows and maximise off-plan sales, contact Geonet Properties today.

We understand that the last 2 years have changed how property is bought and sold. Our aim is to provide buyers with every possible answer to every possible question, online.

Virtual tours are an integral part of the sales journey.

We can build 3D models of your property to give a fully immersive experience to buyers and push them one step closer to choosing your property as their next investment or home.

Want to be notified of special offers and brand new listings in real-time?