Investors earn a guaranteed 8% quarterly interest from day one, ensuring steady cash flow and enhancing overall returns.

Interest Paid During Construction

At GPFG, we understand that the journey of investment should be as rewarding as the destination. That's why we offer an innovative financial solution: Interest Paid During Construction (IPDC) for off-the-plan builds. This unique offering ensures that our investors begin to see returns on their investment from the very first day, turning the construction phase from a waiting period into an earning opportunity.


      How IPDC Works:

      IPDC is a game-changer for investors in off-the-plan properties. Instead of waiting for the project's completion to start seeing returns, investors receive an immediate return on investment, with a guaranteed 8% interest paid on their initial payment. This interest is paid quarterly, directly by the developer, providing a steady cash flow that can offset initial expenses and enhance overall investment returns.

      Transition to Operational Yields:

      Once the construction is completed and the project becomes operational, the investment model transitions from IPDC to yielding returns based on rental revenue. This seamless shift ensures that your investment continues to generate income, moving from fixed interest payments to potentially higher variable returns tied to the property's rental performance.


          Benefits of IPDC:

          Immediate Cash Flow

          From the moment you invest, you start earning. This immediate cash flow can help cover any carrying costs associated with your investment, such as loan interest or opportunity costs, making your investment journey smoother and more financially viable from the start.

          Enhanced Returns

          The guaranteed 8% interest rate during construction offers a tangible benefit and can significantly enhance the overall return on investment, making off-the-plan investments even more attractive.

          Incentive for Full Payments

          With IPDC, the interest is calculated on the full amount of the first transaction. This setup encourages investors to make full payments upfront, securing a guaranteed 8% return during the construction phase, which can be a compelling reason to optimise financing strategies.

          Terms & Conditions

          To participate in the IPDC program, investors are required to make a minimum payment of 35% on full ownership of the off-the-plan property. The IPDC applies to the full amount of this initial transaction, fostering a strong incentive for investors to commit to their investment early and benefit from the guaranteed returns during the construction phase.

          FAQs on IPDC

          How is the 8% interest calculated?

          The 8% interest is calculated on the total amount of your initial payment towards the property investment. It's paid on a quarterly basis, starting from Day 1 of your investment until the project becomes operational.

          When do I start receiving the interest payments?

          You start receiving interest payments from the first day of your investment. These payments are made quarterly, providing a steady cash flow during the construction phase of your property.

          Are the interest payments considered taxable income?

          Yes, the interest payments received through IPDC are generally considered taxable income. We recommend consulting with a tax professional to understand the implications for your specific financial situation.

          What happens to the interest payments once the construction is completed?

          Once the construction phase is completed and the property becomes operational, the interest payments cease. The investment then transitions to generating returns based on rental revenue from the property.

          Which properties have the IPDC option?

          Not all of the properties on our website have IPDC, only those with our Premium Partners, because of our relationship with the developer to guarantee this benefit to our investors. Ask our team for more information on the properties that offer this benefit.

          Is there a risk of not receiving my interest payments?

          The 8% interest payment is guaranteed by the developer, making it a secure return during the construction phase. However, like any investment, it's important to consider the overall project's viability and developer's credibility. GPFG carefully selects projects with reputable developers to minimize such risks.

          How does IPDC benefit me compared to traditional property investments?

          IPDC offers a unique advantage by providing an immediate return on your investment, even before the property is completed. This can significantly enhance your overall ROI compared to traditional property investments where returns only start accumulating once the property is operational and generating rental income.

          How can I get started with an IPDC investment?

          To begin earning with IPDC, contact GPFG to discuss available off-the-plan investment opportunities. Our team will guide you through the selection process, investment terms, and answer any further questions you may have.

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