We're passionate about property


At your service from start to finish, this is the GPFG team. Across multiple departments, our services offer a comprehensive approach to property investment, covering everything from market research to property search and financial planning.

Our Investor-Centric Ethos

Our foundation is built not on selling real estate but on creating avenues for wealth creation.

Our allegiance lies squarely with our investors. Unlike many agencies, our focus is ensuring the advice and properties we recommend are genuinely in the best interest of our property buyer clients. We meticulously vet developers and their projects, requiring them to meet our stringent criteria-fractional contracts, guaranteed returns, and a proven track record of success-before we even consider offering their properties to you.


What makes us special

Comprehensive Expertise Under One Roof.

We've assembled a team of Australian professionals across various disciplines-finance, law, tax, property, and more-to ensure your investment journey is seamless and secure.

Beyond Buying Property.

Our model is about generating wealth, not just acquiring assets. We offer hands-off investments with forecasted returns, managed by seasoned professionals.

Pioneers in Fractional Investment.

Making property investment accessible, we offer fractional investments with a diverse portfolio, from studio apartments to luxury penthouses, democratising investment in high-value properties.

Guaranteed, Immediate Returns.

With our Interest Paid During Construction (IPDC) benefit, your investment yields 8% returns from day one, ensuring steady cash flow even before project completion.

World-Renowned Hotel Partnerships.

For our hotel room investment options, we partner with leading hospitality brands with track records of high occupancy rates, assuring long-term, hassle-free returns.

Maximised Returns & Tax Benefits.

Through strategic tax planning and benefits, we aim to enhance your investment's profitability, ensuring you reap maximum returns.

Experienced Partners Only.

We mitigate overseas investment risks by partnering with seasoned developers and property managers, ensuring high standards and solid returns.

Equity Release for Wealth Creation.

We guide Australian homeowners in utilising their equity for investments that generate cash flow, aiding in debt repayment and retirement planning.

SMSF Property Purchases.

Simplifying the SMSF investment process, we help you find suitable investments for retirement, ensuring compliance with regulations.

Real Testimonials, Real Success.

Our track record is proven by our clients' success stories, demonstrating the effectiveness of our approach and the satisfaction of our investors. Go to our Testimonials page to watch the videos.

Expertise in the Australian Market

Our A-team of finance, property, mortgage, tax, and legal experts specialises in the Australian market, staying updated on trends to provide informed strategies for investors.

Data-Driven Approach

We base our investment recommendations on thorough data analysis, including tourism and hospitality trends, and property market reports, reinforced by extensive due diligence from experienced partner brands.


The Journey


2012 - 2019

Our company was founded in 2012 as a digital marketing agency, using data and software solutions to propel our clients to reach buyers in target markets and around the globe.



With the boom in the property market, we carved our niche in real estate marketing, working with corporate brands and local agencies. Our services for marketing and lead generation help our real estate clients sell over $300 million in property in that year.



Alongside our partner company, Australian Property & Finance Group, we sell luxury off-plan apartments in Gold Coast and Melbourne, and eventually expanded to include Thailand and Bali properties.



With GPFG, everything we do comes full circle. Our property network spans developments throughout Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Thailand, and Europe. We connect developers and agents with buyers and investors, offering cash-flow positive solutions for investing in units, with fractional investments and financing solutions.


2023 - Today

We are now working exclusively with global brand and property developers as a market leader in SE Asian property, reaching buyers throughout Australia, Asia, Europe and beyond. The GPFG team includes an international roster of accredited mortgage brokers, financial advisors and tax consultants, working alongside our in-house team of property specialists. We also produce stunning visuals, 3D renders & virtual tours, webinars, podcasts and more, as a multi-media & digital marketing agency.


At Geonet Property & Finance Group, our guiding principle is clear: 'Surround yourself with the best people.' This is the heart of GPFG's approach to property investment. We've built a network that spans across Australia & Southeast Asia, bringing together top property specialists, developers, mortgage brokers, financial advisors, tax experts, and lawyers. Together, we have formed a formidable wealth creation team, dedicated to empowering our clients. Our teams expertise, experience, and commitment are focused on unlocking the full potential of property investment, ensuring every step of the client journey is guided by excellence and insight.

Chad Egan
Geonet Property & Finance Group Co-founder