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Located less than 90 minutes from Bangkok, Nebu Luxury Resort Residences will be a lively community-style complex encompassing 950 rooms and residences, complemented by 8 restaurants, a 200m lagoon pool, water park, with world-class wellness, fitness, sports, recreation, and retail facilities.

About Nebu Luxury Resort Residences
Nebu Location

About Nebu Luxury Resort Residences

  • Proudly licensed & operated by Ramada Encore, part of the Wyndham Group, the world’s largest hotel brand.
  • 950 rooms in total across the project, providing a lively social environment Only 7 minutes drive to Hollywood theme and water park.
  • Dining at 8 world class restaurants.
  • Water park including slides & Asia’s largest salt water pool
  • Full scale fitness, spa and wellness amenities
  • Close proximity to renowned golf courses, shopping, floating markets, majestic temples
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Nebu Location




  • Forecasted returns up to 12-16%
  • 8% cashback during construction for up to 2 years*
  • Fully furnished, no ongoing monthly fees
  • Capital growth potential
  • 60 year leasehold, fully transferable
  • Less than 65,000 baht per square metre
  • 7-year, 100% buyback option
  • Attractive referral commissions @ 2%
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  • 75%* off accommodation stays
  • Availability guaranteed / No blackout dates
  • 15% off all food & beverage outlets
  • 10% off all health & well-being services
  • Free Nebu health & well-being membership
  • Free day use of resorts facilities & amenities
  • Free Wyndham rewards membership
  • Pet friendly / several exercise parks
  • Peace of mind licenced by the Wydnham, the world largest hotel group
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Building Names

Resort A - Koh Samet

Resort B - Koh Lan

Hotel C - Koh Kood

Hotel D - Koh Chang

Hotel E - Koh Sak

Hotel F - Koh Krok

Buildings J - Koh Nebu

A,B,C,D,E,F,G - mixed-use accommodation buildings (resort and hotels).

H - Mixed-use 1,800 sqm complex, with nightclub, retail and MICE centre.

I - Health & Wellness Centre 1,280 sqm complex, including fitness, spa, health food restaurant, yoga, pilates, personal trainers.

J - State of the art 950 sqm bird's nest coffee shop, co-working, fitness and social gathering building overlooking the lagoon

K - Music entertainment stage and facilities at the northern end of the lagoon pool, provides for nightly entertainment

L - Man-made beach lagoon, 200m long, with islands, sliders, private and more public areas.

N - Retail complex at the drop off area, includes 7/11 travel shop, and security / administration centre.

P & Q - Check-in centre `terminal building`, bus/van/car/motorbike hire, valet parking and covered secured car-parking facility.

Car-free project with electric bikes and buggies.

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About Nebu Luxury Resort Residences




Frequently Asked Questions

Can a foreigner purchase and own property in Thailand?

Yes, foreign investors are allowed to purchase and own property in Thailand, but with some restrictions. For residential condominiums, foreign ownership is limited to 49% of the units, and the remaining 51% must be owned by Thai nationals. However, Nebu Luxury Resort Residences is an exception as it is 100% foreign-owned.

How can Nebu Luxury Resort Residences have more than 49% foreign ownership?

Nebu Luxury Resort Residences is a leasehold property with a 60-year transferable lease, which allows for 100% foreign ownership. This type of ownership also provides more flexibility and ease of reselling the asset later, and the returns are 3 to 4 times higher than a typical residential condominium.

What is the rating of Nebu Luxury Resort Residences?

Nebu Luxury Resort Residences is rated 4-star, as per Ramada's requirements.

Are the rooms fully furnished?

Yes, the rooms in Nebu Luxury Resort Residences are fully furnished, and amenities such as shampoo and soap are also provided.

Is there any cost for refurbishment of my investment?

No, there is no cost for refurbishment of your unit. A sinking fund has been built into the agreement, and your unit will be refurbished every 5 years without any extra cost to you.

What is the closest international airport to Nebu Luxury Resort Residences?

The closest international airport to Nebu Luxury Resort Residences is U-Tapao airport, which is about 24km away. The airport is undergoing significant upgrades worth $9 billion, transforming it into an "aviation city.

Are there any hidden costs associated with investing in Nebu Luxury Resort Residences?

No, there are no hidden costs associated with investing in Nebu. The prices quoted are net, and the developer takes care of everything, including the lodging charge for your lease.

Can I resell my investment later, and are there any buyback options?

Yes, you can resell your unit at any time, and there is a 7-year buyback option available. The buyback option guarantees that you get to keep all the revenue earned during those 7 years, and the developer will buy back your unit at the agreed price.

What other perks are available to investors in Nebu Luxury Resort Residences?

Investors in Nebu Luxury Resort Residences can enjoy perks such as free stays at a similar spec resort so you can come and see the site for free, discounted accommodation, guaranteed availability, discounts on food and beverages, free membership to health and well-being services, and free day use of resort facilities and beach club.

How do owners receive their profit share?

Owners of Nebu Luxury Resort Residences units can receive an 8% return per year during construction, an 8% rental guarantee for 3 years, no monthly ongoing fees, capital growth potential, and quarterly deposits of profits in any account of their choice.

What is fractional ownership?

Fractional ownership is when investors own a percentage of a unit and share usage rights and returns. In Nebu Luxury Resort Residences, fractional ownership is available in 25% and 50% options. For more information about fractional investment ownership, visit our page: <a href="/fractional-property-investment" target="_blank"></a>

What payment plans are available during construction?

Full ownership is available for payment terms of 80% down and a further 20% on completion for phase one. For fractional ownership, there are no payment plans available.

When will construction begin and end at Nebu Luxury Resort Residences?

Construction has already begun, and you can view the ongoing work through the live onsite camera. The first hotel, Hotel E, and 80% of the facilities are expected to be operational in the 3rd quarter of 2024.

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