Geonet Property & Finance Group Podcast | Episode 19 – Leap of Trust: An Investor’s Journey Through Overseas Investment Decision-Making

Our favourite podcasts are the episodes where our investors share their stories about their experiences in property investment and working with our team. In this episode, we are featuring Jarrod Tuttle, one of our first clients at GPFG as he discusses his investment journey in Bali, sitting down with our International Sales Manager, Mark Reed.

Jarrod opens up about his initial apprehensions about investing overseas, the importance of trust in the investment process, and the role of a supportive team in making informed decisions. Jarrod’s story offers valuable insights for investors considering similar opportunities.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or exploring new opportunities, this episode provides valuable perspectives on international investments and the role of a trusted partner like GeonetProperty Finance Group. Tune in now to learn more and unlock your investment potential.

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