Geonet Property & Finance Group Podcast | Episode 20 – Down Under Doom: Mark Reed on Australia’s Property Predicament

Mark is in the hot seat! For this episode, we are joined by GPFG’s Content Director Elissa Doyle, who brings the Australian media headlines and statistics on the property investment market to get Mark’s reactions and insights. The discussion touches on crucial topics like the rising living costs, dwindling rental yields, and the prevalence of negatively geared portfolios – highlighting the undeniable truth that in today’s market, cash flow is king.

A Property Marketing Predicament? Cash Flow Conundrum?  Whatever you want to call it, don’t miss this episode where Mark and Elissa go beyond the headlines, and Mark shares what GPFG investors are saying, when searching for income earning solutions. 

The two sit down at the brand new Monsieur Spoon at the Luc, the perfect location to drive home the point on cash flows and high returns in Bali, as it’s set to open in November 2024. For more information on the Luc or our cash-flow positive property investments, talk to our team today. 

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