Geonet Property & Finance Group Podcast | Episode 21 – “It keeps getting better and better” – A Podcast Testimonial with Urik Slowak

This is a very exciting podcast for us, as we are joined by the-one-and-only Urik, our very first investor in Beraban Luxury Lofts in Seminyak. He was very happy to join Mark this week, to share his experience as a seasoned investor and having visited Bali more than 30 times.  A big fan of the Seminyak area, Urik discusses the benefits of investing in Beraban and with GPFG, viewing it as a means to secure retirement income and leave a lasting legacy for his family. It’s been over a year since investing with us, and we can easily see Urik’s excitement about the progress and potential of the project and his investment.

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