The GPFG Difference: 13 Ways We Stand Out From the Crowd

We know that as property investors, you are getting bombarded with ads and information on investing in Bali property. That’s to be expected because the market is simply red hot, and there are hundreds – if not thousands – of real estate agencies here. At GPFG, we’re built differently. We are not selling real estate, we see the opportunities in Bali as more – as wealth creation vehicles that can drive our clients to a better financial future. 

Here are 13 reasons why GPFG is not just another property investment agency.

1. Comprehensive Expertise Under One Roof

At GPFG, we pride ourselves on having built a team of Australian professionals including mortgage brokers, financial advisors, accountants, property specialists, and tax and legal experts. This multidisciplinary approach ensures all aspects of your investment are expertly managed, making overseas property investment akin to any property purchase in Australia.

2. Pioneers in Fractional Investment

We specialise in fractional investment because we know that the benefits of property investment can be accessible to small-scale investors or those who want to diversify their portfolios. We have investment options starting from just AUD $41,000 for studio apartments, and our range includes hotel rooms, modern apartments, and luxury clifftop penthouses. A whole range of options is available to those who are otherwise priced out of the market.  

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3. Beyond Buying Property

At GPFG, we’re about wealth creation, not just property acquisition. “We do understand the allure of buying beautiful villas in Bali,” says Mark Reed, International Sales Manager. “But once you make that purchase, you have to maintain the property, incur costs for renovations, manage bookings, and work through all legal aspects.” 

With our team, our investors are buying into hotels and resorts and managed apartments, with forecasted returns delivered by experienced property managers. It’s a hands-off investment with sights on long-term growth and prosperity.

4. Guaranteed, Immediate Returns with IPDC

Our investors enjoy a guaranteed 8% interest from day on, with our Interest Paid During Construction benefit. This ensures your investment starts working for you immediately, with tangible rewards and cash flow in your pocket for up to two years during construction. After the project is complete, the transition to rental yields typically higher than 8% is seamless. 

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5. World-Class Hotel Partnerships 

When it comes to tourism operators, we work with some of the world’s best! Our collaborations with world-renowned hospitality brands such as TUI Blue, Mercure, and Ramada Encore are benefitting our investors with high forecasted occupancy rates and hassle-free investments that will deliver solid returns for years to come. 

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6. Maximised Returns & Tax Benefits

The tax benefits for property investors are plentiful, and we want to make sure you receive as many as possible – and yes, these can also be applied to overseas property, when you work with the right team. Through the team at DuoTax, we provide Depreciation Schedules, enabling our investors to maximise their tax advantages and overall returns. 

7. Australian Market Focused

This is one core strength we have by assembling our A-team of finance experts, property specialists, mortgage brokers, tax and legal experts. The Australian market is one that we know well, and we are constantly researching to stay up-to-date on the property market trends. Our deep understanding of the Australian market nuances informs every decision, recommendation, and strategy we offer, making us a preferred choice for Australian investors.

8. Experienced Partners Only

We understand the hesitations of investment overseas, as many believe that it comes with added risks and unknowns. We strive to mitigate those risks as much as possible by only working with the best talent – both internally on our team and with our partners. Our partnerships are with only the most experienced developers who deliver projects with high standards for building design and construction, and property managers with track records of professional results to ensure solid returns.

9. Equity Release for Wealth Creation

Australian homeowners are sitting on untapped mines of equity. Our partners at Financebetter are professional mortgage brokers who can show you how to release your equity, purchase an investment that will earn cash flow, to help you pay down debts and plan for retirement. Our approach is designed to make your equity work towards securing your retirement, ensuring a prosperous and worry-free future.

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10.SMSF Property Purchases 

With our financial advisors, investors looking to purchase through Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF) find a guiding hand, simplifying what can be a complex process. We can help you find the right investment to earn returns for your retirement, as well as ensure you follow all rules and regulations for compliance. 

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11. Investor-Centric Approach

Unlike many agencies, our loyalty lies with our investors, not property developers. This ensures our advice and properties are always in your best interest.

“We get many developers coming to our door to ask us to sell their properties or units. When we do our due diligence, if they cannot meet the needs of our investors – which includes fractional contracts, 8% guaranteed returns while they build, as well as having a solid history of success, then it’s not a match for us,” says Mark.

12. Driven by Data and Research

We don’t just follow trends; we’re informed by thorough data and research, ensuring your investments are based on solid ground. We compile our forecasts by examining Bali tourism data & hospitality trends and property market reports. We are also assured by the decades of experience from our partner brands, who compile extensive due diligence before engaging in a market.

13. Real Testimonials, Real Success

Don’t just take our word for it. Our client testimonials and our podcast series provide real-life insights into our successful partnerships and satisfied investors. We have worked with hundreds of investors who each have their different investment goals and journeys, and we aim to provide the highest quality of service and expertise at every stage. 

Podcast Testimonials:

In a sea of options for property investment in Bali and beyond, we have made a name for ourselves by offering properties for purchase but by delivering a comprehensive, investor-first approach that is hard to find elsewhere. Ask our team for more information on any of our properties, or book a call with us today. 

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