Unlock Your Equity and Earn Cold Hard Cash

If you have owned your home in Australia for the last 5-10 years, you have probably felt thankful that you entered the property market when you did. With rising property prices, it’s more difficult than ever for buyers, but for the lucky Australians who already own homes, they have seen their home values and personal wealth increase to record levels.

Over the last 10 years, housing prices in Australia have increased an average of 70%. However, there are some suburbs that experienced unprecedented growth, with increases of more than 200%!

Suburbs with the largest 10 year growth in house prices

SuburbStateCurrent median sale price10 year % growth
Byron BayNSW$3,000,000362%
Suffolk ParkNSW$2,101,000256%

Source: https://www.realestate.com.au/insights/the-suburbs-where-home-prices-have-increased-most-over-the-past-10-years/

These are incredible numbers for homeowners, as their assets and wealth have grown year over year. As a country, Australians are among the wealthiest in the world, largely due to home ownership.

If this is you, congratulations! Within your home, you are sitting on an untapped gold mine of equity. What if you could turn the extra equity in your home into income?

At GPFG, we are seeing more investors who want to use their equity now, not just to invest in more properties, but who want to generate a second income now to help pay off their mortgage, put more cash in their pockets, or increase their borrowing capacity. We guide them through the smart ways of leveraging home equity in Australia to invest in the thriving tourist rental market of Bali.

Our team can help unlock your home’s equity, and use it to buy a property in Bali, which will generate immediate returns and tax incentives, to allow you to earn a passive income.

Why Bali?

Bali is booming, and the current property market offers a unique investment opportunity. With some areas boasting over 90% tourist occupancy, the potential for generating substantial rental income is significant. “The constant flow of tourists to Bali presents a remarkable opportunity for property investors,” says Chad Egan, CEO of GPFG. “With $300,000 in equity, you could potentially earn around $40,000 per year in revenue.”

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Unlocking Your Home Equity to Invest in Cash-Flow Positive Property in Bali

Unlocking equity means using the value that you’ve built up in your home to purchase another property.

Here’s how it works:

STEP 1. Equity Assessment. You will need to speak to a broker to determine the current market value of your home and subtract any outstanding mortgage amount. The difference is your available equity.

Equity = Property Value – Loan Balance.

For example, if your property is worth $900,000, and your loan balance is $400,000.
Therefore, $900,000 – $400,000 = $500,000 in Equity.

Equity is calculated at the current value of your home. So with rising property values, your equity and wealth has also increased during the property market boom. In the example above, If you purchased your property for $750,000 and it is now worth $900,000, you now have an additional $150,000 in equity that you acquired while home values went up.

Now, let’s put that equity to use, and turn it into income for you.

STEP 2. Investing in Bali. Set up a call or contact our team about properties within your budget for investing. We offer a selection of modern apartments, luxury villas, or hotel rooms in the island’s hottest tourist areas, and we also offer fractional property investment, so you can invest for as little as 25%, or around AU$78,000, and still enjoy the same benefits for returns and free stays as you would for whole investment.

STEP 3. Refinancing. To access that equity that you determined in Step 1, work with a qualified mortgage broker (we have them at GPFG!) to refinance your mortgage. This process involves borrowing against the equity in your home. Once you do this, you’ll have the funds needed to invest in Bali property, and we can finalise your purchase.

STEP 4. Start Earning Income. After the payment and paperwork is complete, investments with our Premium Partners earn an immediate 8% return during construction, and once the property is operational, forecasted returns are generally between 14-18%, depending on the chosen property.

And that’s how you can start earning a second income by using the equity you have gained by simply owning your home and property prices have risen.

Use your untapped equity to buy property in Bali with GPFG

Using equity to purchase investment properties is a well-trodden path for seasoned investors. Savvy investors often do this to buy more property without deposits, and increase their assets and wealth. However, our clients are seeing more benefits to unlocking their equity and padding their wallets with extra cash. “Utilising home equity to invest in income-generating properties in Bali is a strategic move, not just for the immediate returns, but also to diversify and strengthen your investment portfolio,” says Egan.

For those interested in exploring our cash-generating property investments, talk to our team today.

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